The Venture Further Manifesto

Ever since we started Guild in 2009, we have been dedicated to venture further than conventional Silicon Valley-based VC patterns to look for growth-stage teams who can evolve into great companies.

We seek world class talent in disparate geographies

Building world-class businesses starts with world class talent. This is why we focus on select cities where significant pools of high-potential talent exist. Presently, we invest in Chicago, Los Angeles, Mumbai, New York, Pune and Toronto.

We are typically the first institutional capital

With founders and businesses we believe in, we typically join as their first and only venture capital partner. We are minority investors and target 25-35% ownership. We believe in actively partnering with management through board participation.

We offer continuous support through our business building platform

If the only value-add we bring to an investment is money we will not invest. In addition to board participation we offer specialized teams to support our partner companies with hiring talent, raising capital, generating business intelligence, and establishing communication strategies.

Over the years, we have identified the areas where we can add the most value to a company. As such, we are selective about the teams we get invested with. We use the following 4M blueprint to check if we are the best investors for the company to go ahead with.

The Guild Investment Blueprint


We love working with founders who have a strong thesis on why, how and what their companies are trying to achieve. We value their clear vision, willingness to keep learning and ability to build a high-performance culture by attracting and retaining A+ talent.


We believe in businesses that are bringing industry-contrarian solutions to large addressable markets. In general, we prefer those markets, which are not ‘winner-takes- all’ in nature. Sectors where we have invested recently include internet commerce, enterprise software and data science.


We have absolute respect for recurring revenues and high margins. We look for business models that can rapidly scale in a capital-efficient manner. Therefore, many of our consumer investments favor online paid-media customer acquisition and smart inventory models. Our enterprise business models often benefit from elite talent pools across the world.


We are excited by businesses that have demonstrated early revenue. For companies who are yet to generate revenue, we need to see other forms of momentum such as usage and customer satisfaction.


For early stage companies in Chicago, Los Angeles, Mumbai and Pune, we regularly offer active incubation support during our first 90-180 days of working together. In recent years we have had the pleasure of working side- by-side with teams including Home Chef, Catch Co and Mail Control during their early days.

Regular meetings covering all aspects of the business

Setting up KPI reporting to enable data-driven decision making

Active support in recruitment of culture setting elite hires

Access to our accounting, legal and data science teams

Facilitating introductions to our network

Co-located office space with our team

Beyond the incubation period, we continue to add value through weekly standups, active board participation, assisting with business strategy, talent acquisition, strategic communications and future capital raising.

It is in these ways that we have always gone above and beyond to support founders who are building great companies. We look forward to help you build yours.