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We invest in early-stage, technology-enabled businesses bringing scalable, capital-efficient solutions to consumer and enterprise markets. We typically partner with companies in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Mumbai, and Pune.


Ruggable leverages its patented technology to design and manufacture machine-washable rugs.

Team: Jeneva Bell (Founder & President), Nathan Baldwin (CEO)
Headquarters: Los Angeles
First Investment: June 2017

Dr. Squatch creates all-natural handmade soaps and toiletries for men, distributed directly or through attractive subscription packages.

Team: Jack Haldrup (Founder & CEO)
Headquarters: Los Angeles
First Investment: April 2019

Home Chef provides ready-to-cook boxes of fresh, chef-apportioned ingredients directly to consumers.

Team: Pat Vihtelic (Founder & CEO)
Headquarters: Chicago
First Investment: March 2015
Exit: Acquired by Kroger in May 2018

TechStyle is an online subscription fashion retailer that offers personalized subscription boxes to its customers.

Team: Adam Goldenberg (Co-Founder & Co-CEO), Don Ressler (Co-Founder & Co-CEO)
Headquarters: Los Angeles
First Investment: June 2014

O Positiv is a subscription service that offers all natural gummy vitamins to alleviate PMS symptoms in women

Team: Bobby Bitton (Co-Founder & CEO), Brianna Bitton (Co-Founder)
Headquarters: Los Angeles
First Investment: Dec 2019

Fresh Clean Tees is an online fashion retailer offering a range of affordable men’s apparel online, such as hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts

Team: Matthew Parvis (Co-Founder & CEO), Melissa Parvis (Co-Founder & President)
Headquarters: San Diego
First Investment: May 2020

Winc sources high-quality affordable wines and provides attractive subscription wine packages directly to consumers.

Team: Geoffrey MacFarlane (Co-Founder & CEO), Brian Smith (Co-Founder & President), Xander Oxman (Co-Founder & Chairman)
Headquarters: Los Angeles
First Investment: February 2013
Exit: Partial exit in September 2014

Catch Co curates an experiential assortment of new and relevant fishing gear along with informative content, introducing anglers to new products and techniques with less friction.

Team: Ross Gordon (Founder & CEO)
Headquarters: Chicago
First Investment: November 2015

Hedley & Bennett is an e-commerce platform offering premium aprons and culinary apparel for chefs and cooking enthusiasts

Team: Ellen Bennett (Founder & CEO)
Headquarters: Los Angeles
First Investment: June 2020

Spot & Tango provides customers human-grade dog food free from preservatives, fillers, and animal by-products.

Team: Russell Breuer (Founder & CEO)
Headquarters: New York City
First Investment: October 2018

Radford is a premium skincare and beauty brand that promotes clean beauty, offering a variety of products that are free of harmful chemicals

Team: Victoria Radford (Founder & President), Jason Theofilos (CEO)
Headquarters: Toronto
First Investment: February 2021

Voyage SMS offers a self-service mobile marketing tool for e-commerce brands using SMS and MMS to enhance customer relations.

Team: Corey Epstein (Founder & Chief Innovation Officer), Rev Reddy (CEO)
Headquarters: Los Angeles
First Investment: October 2018

Message Control is a cyber security company that protects enterprises from the threats presented by spy-mail (email with tracking codes).

Team: Paul Everton (Founder)
Headquarters: Chicago
First Investment: June 2016

Petal is using machine learning and smart, intuitive design to make credit honest, simple and accessible.

Team: Jason Gross (Founder & CEO)
Headquarters: New York
First Investment: June 2017

Hautelook is a members-only website for top fashion and lifestyle brands, curating flash sales on premium products.

Team: Adam Bernhard (Founder & CEO)
Headquarters: Los Angeles
First Investment: May 2009
Exit: Acquired by Nordstrom in 2011

LA Collective is a brand incubator which works with prominent influencers to create fashion that is designed, made, and inspired by Los Angeles.

Team: Karl Singer (Co-founder & CEO), Jaynee Silvers Singer (Co-Founder & Creative Director)
Headquarters: Los Angeles
First Investment: April 2018

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