Our Portfolio Companies

Atidiv helps businesses run better with data science by offering systems design, data analytics, product development and managed services.

Founder: Iain Shovlin
Headquarters: Pune

Candy Club curates and delivers premium confectionery items to its customers on a monthly subscription

Founder & CEO: Keith Cohn
Headquarters: Los Angeles

Catch Co curates an experiential assortment of new and relevant fishing gear along with informative content, introducing anglers to new products and techniques with less friction

Founder & CEO: Ross Gordon
Headquarters: Chicago

Gaming Insiders is a curated professional network for the leaders of the games industry

Founder & CEO: David Kaye
Headquarters: Los Angeles

HauteLook is a members-only flash sale website for top fashion and lifestyle brands, and was acquired by Nordstrom in 2011

Founder & CEO: Adam Bernhard
Headquarters: Los Angeles

Home Chef provides ready-to-cook boxes of fresh, chef-apportioned ingredients directly to consumers to enhance their home-cooking experience

Founder & CEO: Pat Vihtelic
Headquarters: Chicago

Mail Control is a cyber security company that protects enterprises from the threats presented by spy- mail (email with tracking codes)

Founder & CEO: Paul Everton
Headquarters: Chicago

Lunch Smarter offers ordering lunches from nearby restaurants at a discount, and allows its customers to skip the queue

Founder & CEO: Andrew Moss
Headquarters: Boston

Petal is using machine learning and smart, intuitive design to make credit honest, simple and accessible

Founder & CEO: Jason Gross
Headquarters: New York

Ruggable leverages its patented technology to design and manufacture machine-washable rugs

Founder & CEO: Jeneva Bell
Headquarters: Los Angeles

TechStyle is an online subscription fashion retailer that offers personalized subscription boxes to its customers

Co-CEOs: Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler
Headquarters: Los Angeles

Techweek exists to spread wealth creation to diverse places and people by supporting the emergence of hero companies

CEO: Amanda Signorelli
Headquarters: Chicago

Winc sources high-quality affordable wines and provides attractive subscription wine packages directly to consumers

Co-Founder and CEO: Geoffrey MacFarlane
Headquarters: Los Angeles